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Geocaching Urban Shrines



Each shrine is located somewhere in Somerville. Use a GPS to track each one down using the coordinates provided.  In 2012, there was a contest; if you took a photo of yourself to prove that you'd located all of them, you were entered into a drawing to win a stainless steel water bottle printed with this painting.


Click here to read the Somerville Journal feature about this project.


Below is a printable list of all GPS coordinates.


1. 42.39560, -71.10350. Located behind the magical maker of the Crystal Non-Cathedral, this shrine depicts the 5-letter F-bomb that we cannot live without. THIS ONE HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN.

2. 42.400063, -71.112567. You will need to exercise this virtue when confronted with their amazing currant scone.

3. 42.398700, -71.124130. SADLY, THIS SHRINE HAS BEEN STOLEN! Nearby tasty treats prove the fundamental wisdom of the stomach. Don't forget your shopping bag!

4. 42.389189, -71.107021. A little bit of magic awaits those who have this attribute.

5. 42.38293, -71.09798. Dormant now, but holding silently the promise of what is to come.

6. 42.379007, -71.096939. Peace, a full belly, a white picket fence, and a roof over one's head -- these things can fill you with this attitude.  THIS ONE HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN.

7. 42.375619, -71.093237. Exotic flavors and feel-good neurotransmitters will make you want to reach out to your fellow citizens and join hands in celebration! THIS ONE HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN.

8. 42.38010, -71.08320. Man's best friend is a barking-good example of this quality.

9. 42.388729, -71.086786. You'll have plenty of this after stopping at this location and partaking.  THIS ONE HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN.


If you don't have a GPS, try pasting the coordinates into a Google search bar. It will show you to the location on the map. You will still have to do a little hunting when you get close, because the GPS is only accurate to about 10-50 feet. Good luck!


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