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Pauline regularly sings with the Schola Cantorum of Boston. She is a member of Vox Equalis, based in the seaside convent of Society of St. Margaret, Duxbury, MA.

See the "News, Events, Exhibits" page for information on upcoming concerts.


See her music resume.




Download Pauline's pop/rock songs, recorded in the early 1990's under the moniker "Pauline Easy-Off":


"Cutting Song" (3 MB)

"For Deborah in the Pool" (3.7 MB)

"Cool Marble/Greedy River" (2.1 MB)

"Adolf Polka" (3.4 MB)

"After the Apocalypse" (formerly "Blast") (2.6 MB)

"Glassy-Eyed Celebration of the Suburbs" (3.1 MB)

"In A Mineshaft" (2.5 MB)

"Nothing Upstairs" (3.5 MB)

"Outback" (3.4MB)

"Perfect Symmetry" (4 MB)

"Wet Noodles" (3.9 MB)

"Chaos Inside" (2.7 MB)


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