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Paintings currently available:

For close-up views, information and pricing, visit the Gallery Store.

Oh, The Unbelievable Good Fortune of a Boring Life

Lonely Lane
Holy Bunnies In Ghent
The Bunnies Are On The Loose
Oh, The Unbelievable Good Fortune of a Boring Life
I've Been Out In The Wilderness For So Long
Hannah Banana Takes Tea (Study)
I Am A Part Of Everything
A Good Girl Must
I Dreamt It Was Summer
Death Wears The Crown
On My Way Home
I Am Miles Away
Visit To Big Ben
Holiday Mice
She Is Amazing
The Dutch House
Hannah Banana Takes Tea
I Woke Up In Barcelona
A Graphical Representation Of Artistic Inspiration
Empty Bowl Cat
Clausura Me (Cloister Me)
Favorite Toy
Terrace Life
Welcome To This Creepy World!
Every Mansion Has Mice
A Fine Day Out
Fly By Harewood House
I Love You, Fat-Head
Factory Fly-By
I Awoke From a Two-Year Slumber
Magic Carpet Over Radcliffe Camera
A Strange Visit
We Are But Mice
Are Not My Days Few_
Quare Me Dereliquisti?
Am I Awake, Or Is This a Dream?
Tiny Weather Triptych
Two Kittens On A Tabletop
Goodbye, Alex (journal series)
Let Us Look To Better Days Ahead
All Wounds Are Healed by Sleep
I'm A Little Doll
What Is Our Life?
Fly, Fly Away
I Live In A Balance of Hope and Fear
Cogita Cotidie De Tua Propria Morte
I Dreamt I Went Far Away
You Are Unknowable
Exsurge, Anima Mea
I Knew You Would Find Me!
Lofty Balloon
Now Lettest Thou Thy Servant Depart
Where Do They Go When They Sleep?
Oh How Will I Ever Protect You?
Looking Out the Window at Harewood H
So Many Weird Things Happen at Night
There’s A Mouse On The Roof
Sleepwalking On High Street
Things Were Just About to Go South
Snowy House
Not Trustworthy!
I Have Slain Mine Oppressor
Death Comes To The Monk
Dance, Baby, Dance
We Need To Talk
Here, Kitty, Kitty
I Have No Idea What’s Coming Next
Living Versus Waiting
The Venus of Poland, in a Brown Dres
You're My Ideal (colored)
You're My Ideal (pink)
I'm Creepy
You Smell Good
Tea (pink)
Please Come Fill the Black Hole in..
Here There Be Beasties
So, What Else Is New?
The Ravens Are Flying Again
Lightbulbhead Sittin' on Thread
Nothing To Be Done (Flood)
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