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Facebook Art Challenge, Day Five

1. "The Endless Deliciousness of Life Amazes Me". 2011. 18"x24". Acrylic, mosaic, foil on canvas panel.

2. "We Race Unaware Toward the End of Days". 2010. 18"x24". Oil on canvas panel.

3. "I Sleep and My Heart Waketh". 2009. 10"x20". Oil on canvas panel.

This has been a really fun challenge, as I got to revisit paintings I haven't seen in years. It's like seeing old friends. I also got to see how I've changed over the years, and it is evident how restless I get with one style or another. I still feel schizophrenic: on one hand, I would love to be able to paint with perfectly invisible brushstrokes like a Dutch master; on the other hand, I love thickly textured, multi-media paintings with collage and mosaic elements. I vacillate between realism and cartoonishness. What am I doing???

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